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Our DESTINY is ordained from the moment when we were born. However, we can still improve our LUCK through our own efforts. 50% of our life is the “Innate Destiny” which is already fated, yet another 50% of our life is the “Acquired Luck” which is in everyone's hands. If we master our own life trajectory, we can predict the future, attract good luck while warding off bad luck, hence change and improve our luck. Therefore, to change our life, we must first understand our own Destiny.  

Our destiny is already encoded in our Bazi, which is the year, month, day and hour of birth. It reveals a person’s wealth potential, career luck, family relationships, marriage, character, health problems, etc. The Bazi Analysis service provided by My Feng Shui Holdings is significant as it enable people to get to know their own destiny and luck. As a result, people can grasp the opportunities in advance, maximise strengths and minimise weaknesses, seize the momentum, and build a prosperous future.  
The Bazi (Eight Characters) and the personal Element were determined from the very moment we were born. These information can be a key to change our “Acquired Luck” if we make good use of it. The Basic Bazi Fortune service provided by My Feng Shui Holdings enable you to grasp beneficial information such as the personal element, the preferable element, lucky colour and number, the Chinese horoscope of your Benefactor (Gui Ren) as well as the type of career best suits you, etc., allows you to plan for the future.  

As the saying goes “Men’s fortunes are on a wheel”. People’s luck change every year, which is so-called the “Annual Luck”. Through analysing the annual luck, people can foresee the potential hazards and possibilities ahead, hence grasp the opportunities and take precautions if needed. The Annual Luck Analysis, a service provided by My Feng Shui Holdings, allows you to be well-prepared in advance as you will get to know your peak of the year, and your benefactor luck, the potential hazards, things to avoid, ways and things to boost luck, the lucky colour, etc.  


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