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择吉日 Auspicious Date Selection

择吉日 Auspicious Date Selection

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择吉日 Auspicious Date Selection
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注意事项 Notice:

2)择一天吉日为 RM80(从首选日子范围选出最吉的日子)

1) Auspicious Date Selection Service for renovation, , moving, grand opening, signboard installation, bed setting, sculpture of god installation, contract singing, new car pickup.
2) for RM80 (choose the most auspicious day from the preferred range of days).
3) Please fill in your correct Chinese name, gender, date selection option and contact number before placing your order.
4) Please tick the family and friends to be present on the day and the zodiac sign to be avoided (self/family/relatives/partners).
5) You will be notified by an assistant within 3-5 days after placing your order.

择吉日 Auspicious Date Selection



As the saying goes: "Both good Feng Shui place and the right timing can make a person wealthy and honoured.” You will still be successful and prosperous without a good Feng Shui place, as long as you do the right thing at the right time. Choosing an auspicious day for significant event is to conform the law of nature, hence making life smoother and better with the help of Heaven. For instance, a grand opening on auspicious day lead to great prosperity and wealth; a renovation on auspicious day shaped a safe and pleasant environment; a house moving on auspicious day brings peace and prosperity to the family, and so on.

According to your Chinese Horoscope, My Feng Shui Holdings will select a best auspicious day for grand opening, renovation, house moving, signboard installation, etc., to allow the good atmosphere to flourish your fortune, and everything will go smoothly and successful.

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