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风水服务 Feng Shui Services

There is a Chinese proverb that says "First Destiny; Second Luck and Third Feng Shui.” Feng Shui, also known as “Kan Yu”, is seen as a hinge of changing fate. The “Kan” represents the Heaven, while the “Yu” represents the Earth. Therefore, the ancient ancestors developed the Feng Shui theory, a philosophy that explores the universe and the environment, through the observation of astronomy and geography. In fact, the core idea of Feng Shui is the harmony between human being and nature. It is a crystallization of the wisdom of Chinese ancestors which integrate various scientific theories including ancient geography, ecology, landscape architecture, architecture, cultural psychology, etc.  

家居风水 Residential Feng Shui
Housing is the basic necessity and a safe haven of every human being. The Feng Shui for your house layout, including the surrounding environment, internal structure, lighting, energy flow, etc., will generate energy of magnetic field in different forms that can affect the harmony, career, wealth and prosperity of a family.  
My Feng Shui Holdings provides the Feng Shui floor plan analysis. In addition to explain the home Feng Shui taboos and furnishings, our professional Feng Shui Consulting Group will tailor the most suitable Feng Shui layout on the basis of your Bazi (Eight Characters) and the environment of your house. We will also guide you to improve your family's fortune by activating and amplifying the auspicious areas and eliminating the negative energy at ominous areas in your house.  
My Feng Shui Holdings can help you learn more about residential Feng Shui knowledge and improve your house layout designs to fill up your house with positive vibes, and attracts wealth and prosperity to your family.  
商业风水 Commercial Feng Shui
俗话说:“生意不如手艺,手艺不如神地。”商场上,一个公司的兴衰成败、荣辱得失、经济效益的好坏,除了良好的战略管理与企业文化理念,更是取决于一个优良的风水环境,即‘神地’。大至地理与周围环境、企业的规划布局,小至办公室的摆件、观赏植物,都起到了至关重要的影响。 若是风水布局不当,不但直接影响了客源与收益,更是不利于工作环境、人事问题等不必要的麻烦。要想在商场上风生水起、一帆风顺,那么企业当对风水布局加以重视。  
As the saying goes: "A good Feng Shui is more important than a business skill". In addition to a strategic management and organisational culture, the success or failure, gains or losses, and economic benefits of a company depend on a good Feng Shui. From the geographical and surrounding environment, to the decorations of office, all of them play a vital role in Feng Shui. Entrepreneur has to raise attention to the Feng Shui arrangement since an improper arrangement can lead to loss of customers and profits, unpleasant work environment, personnel issues and so on.  
My Feng Shui Holdings can create a good Feng Shui in your environment. The good vibes can boost employee engagement, and gain fame and fortune as well as foster a bright future for your business.  
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