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结婚择日 Marriage Date Selection

结婚择日 Marriage Date Selection
结婚择日 Marriage Date Selection
结婚择日 Marriage Date Selection
结婚择日 Marriage Date Selection

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结婚择日 Marriage Date Selection
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1) 结婚择日服务为 RM380 一天。
2) 结婚择日服务包括过大礼和安床的日子。
3) 由鲍一凡老师提供一天最佳吉日和吉时。
4) 下单前请填写新人的中文姓名,出生日期(阳历),出生时间 及 地址。
5) 请填写双方父母亲的中文姓名 及 生肖。
6) 如有在本公司做任何服务,下单前请在表格上填写报告号码。
7) 结婚择日报告以PDF的方式,通过WhatsApp发送(请在下单时填写正确联络号码)。
8) 结婚择日服务将不会与鲍一凡老师会面。
9) 若有任何疑问或是不清楚,请填写在备注。

Marriage Date Selection report will be completed in about 7 to 14 days

1) Marriage Date Selection is RM380 per day.
2) Marriage Date Selection service including the day of the betrothal and the day of the bed setting.
3) The auspicious date and auspicious time will be provided by Master Paw.
4) Please fill in the Chinese name of the couple, date of birth (solar calendar), time of birth and address before placing the order.
5) Please fill in the Chinese names and Chinese zodiac signs of both parents.
6) If you have any service with us, please fill in the report number on the form before placing your order.
7) The Marriage Date Selection report will be sent to you via WhatsApp as a PDF (please fill in the correct contact number when placing your order).
8) There will be no meeting with Master Paw for this service.
9) If you have any questions or are unsure, please fill in the comments.

结婚择日 Marriage Date Selection




Marriage is a significant life event as it’s the beginning of a beautiful married life, and the union of two lives. The traditional Chinese weddings need to go through several processes, such as Marriage Proposal, Betrothal, Bed Setting, Marriage, etc., hence the newlyweds are officially married.

Therefore, all of the important etiquettes should be carried out in an auspicious day, in order to seize the opportunity, enable the happy event runs smoothly with the energy from Heaven and Earth. On top of that, the couple's life will go smoothly and affectionate after marriage.

The Marriage Date Selection service of My Feng Shui Holdings will provide the most suitable and auspicious date for the betrothal, bed setting and marriage based on the Bazi (Eight Characters) of the couple as well as their parents’ Chinese Horoscope. The couple will have a prosperous life ahead and have their own baby soon if all of the marriage etiquettes carried out in the most suitable day. 


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