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Housing is the basic necessity and a safe haven of every human being. The Feng Shui for your house layout, including the surrounding environment, internal structure, lighting, energy flow, etc., will generate energy of magnetic field in different forms that can affect the harmony, career, wealth and prosperity of a family. 

My Feng Shui Holdings provides the Feng Shui floor plan analysis. In addition to explain the home Feng Shui taboos and furnishings, our professional Feng Shui Consulting Group will tailor the most suitable Feng Shui layout on the basis of your Bazi (Eight Characters) and the environment of your house. We will also guide you to improve your family's fortune by activating and amplifying the auspicious areas and eliminating the negative energy at ominous areas in your house. 

My Feng Shui Holdings can help you learn more about residential Feng Shui knowledge and improve your house layout designs to fill up your house with positive vibes, and attracts wealth and prosperity to your family. 


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